The LumiSight Platform

LumiSight is a pre-engineered, end-to-end technology platform that increases speed-to-delivery.

What is LumiSight?

LumiSight is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that leverages industry-leading cloud infrastructure, applications, and security services to create exceptional user experiences. It’s an accelerator that achieves your goals faster and better prepares you for the future.

LumiSight Platform Reference Architecture

Technical features​

LumiSight comes with extensive technical features that can be configured to meet your specific business need and goal. Here are some of the most popular features:

Integration Services

Easy API creation, deployment, and lifecycle management.

Web and Mobile Applications

Configurable, user-friendly applications that are pre-tested and validated by thousands of users around the globe.

Administration and Reporting

LumiSight comes with a responsive web-based administration dashboard for administrators to monitor and view detailed analytics.

Identity and Access Management

LumiSight keeps your platform and applications bot-proof and secure with your preferred IAM system.

Notifications and Email

Send mass emails, push notifications directly, and SMS text messages. You can also target emails and notifications to specific groups, users, and more.

Reporting Services

LumiSight includes exceptional, personalized service for setup and ongoing modernization.

One platform, many uses

LumiSight is configurable for any business need and any size or sector. Here are some of the ways our clients are leveraging LumiSight to improve their daily operations.

COVID-19 response strategy

The pandemic took us all by surprise and continues to disrupt our daily lives.

Since the first lockdown, LumiSight has helped dozens of businesses, schools, non-profits, and governments leverage cloud-based technology to keep our communities safe.

With LumiSight, organizations can quickly and securely perform daily health checks, contact tracing, test registration, test results management, and vaccine scheduling so that our communities can reopen safely.

Analytics for refined decision-making

Data and analysis is becoming more complex and harder to manage.

LumiSight uses intelligent cloud-based services to streamline analytics processes and focus on business user needs.

With LumiSight, business users can refine, prepare, and evaluate their data to make real-time, informed decisions. Plus, customized data visualizations and dashboards makes sharing and validating information a breeze.

Example of a LumiSight Analytics and Data Visualization
LumiSight portal UI design

Portals for self-service and real-time support

Portals allow organizations to operate round the clock, rain or shine.

Business leaders choose LumiSight as their trusted portal provider because of the vast integration capabilities.

With LumiSight, organizations leverage cloud-based technology to expand their reach while optimizing business processes. Customers benefit from the simplified self-service experience and real-time support.

Scheduling for smooth customer service

Organizations that serve customers virtually and in-person need to schedule appointments efficiently and manage resource capacity.

LumiSight has enabled healthcare, non-profit, and government organizations to provide better customer care through easy-to-use, self-service web and mobile apps.

Customers use LumiSight to schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments online and attend virtual meetings. Organizations manage capacity and scheduling through a user-friendly admin console.

LumiSight use case, scheduling

Client success story

First Hawaiian Bank LumiSight App Poster

First Hawaiian Bank uses LumiSight to ensure employee and customer safety

First Hawaiian Bank (FHB), the largest banking institution in Hawaii, was seeking a solution that best fit their COVID-19 strategy and to help automate their processes.

With over 2,000 employees across more than 50 branches, they needed a way to keep employees and customers safe with minimum business disruption.

Prior to LumiSight, FHB performed in-person wellness checks at a limited number of facilities and needed a way to automate the check-in process across their entire community.