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LumiSight keeps your organization focused on a bright future

LumiSight Benefits

One platform for immediate needs and long-term risk management.

Designed for busy people

Simple, easy-to-use apps that become part of everyday life.

Promotes accountability

Empowers everyone to do their part and keep their communities safe.

Sends location-based reminders

Sends daily and geofencing notifications to help protect your environments.

Based on CDC guidance

Provides an easy way to implement CDC guidance for businesses and employers.

Enables data-driven decisions

Make informed, strategic decisions based on real-time data.

Accelerates risk response

Allows your organization to respond to risks quickly and proactively.

How LumiSight Works

LumiSight is intuitive and quickly becomes part of everyday life.

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Download and open the app

Download the mobile app on iOS and Android devices or use a web browser on any device.

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Log in

Log in with your organizational credentials. Visitors can also create an account for one-time use or whenever they come on site.

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LumiSight daily check-in screens
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Check in

Answer a quick questionnaire and certify that your answer is accurate and truthful.

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View results

Immediately receive results and guidance on whether you can come on site.

LumiSight daily check-in results screens
Lumisight notification settings
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Get reminders

Receive daily check-in reminders and geofencing notifications whenever you come on site.

LumiSight Admin Features

Administrators can view check-in and usage data to drive informed decision-making.

View real-time data and track check-ins

  • Get real-time snapshots of your organization’s health status.
  • Track check-in results.
  • Quickly identify high-risk areas.
  • Drive internal adoption strategies based on usage data.
  • Configure notification and application settings.
  • Align user permissions with your organization’s strategy.

LumiSight Products

LumiSight benefits businesses, schools, universities, airlines, hotels, and more.

LumiSight Workplace

Streamline daily operations and events and manage safe enviornments for employees and customers.

LumiSight Campus

Safeguard students, faculty, staff, and visitors and promote accountability within your campus.

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