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"DataHouse offered a flexible product and the ability to modify or develop features to our unique needs. The entire team was extremely responsive to our questions, concerns, and needs."
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LumiSight?

LumiSight is a self-screening and surveillance platform for organizations and their communities. As recommended by the CDC, LumiSight makes it easy for individuals to provide a daily check-in of their status before leaving their home, entering a work environment, or going to a campus. Lumisight administrators with access to the admin dashboards can view real-time check-in and usage data to drive informed decision-making. There are two versions of LumiSight. LumiSight Workplace is for businesses, and LumiSight Campus is for educational institutions.

2. What is the difference between LumiSight Workplace and LumiSight Campus?

LumiSight Workplace supports the well-being of the workforce within an organization. It streamlines daily operations and helps businesses manage safe environments for employees and customers. It includes contact tracing and quarantine monitoring. LumiSight Campus safeguards students, faculty, staff, and visitors while promoting accountability within the campus community. LumiSight Campus also includes features such as allowing parents to check in on behalf of their child and multi-lingual capabilities (e.g., Spanish or English).

3. How does LumiSight work?

Users log in with a web browser and perform a quick check-in, ideally before arriving onsite. They immediately receive guidance on whether they can go to work or campus, or stay home that day. Administrators can customize the guidance their users receive and view a dashboard to make data-driven decisions regarding their community.

4. What are the key features of LumiSight?

The key features include: 
    o    Flexible web browser access on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device
    o    Administration dashboards and reports
    o    Configurable daily check-in reminders, push notifications, and email notifications   
    o    Customized questions and content based on your organization's policies
    o    Visitor check-in options
    o    Support/Help portal

5. What are the key benefits of LumiSight?

The key benefits of LumiSight include:
    o    One platform for immediate needs and risk management
    o    Simple, easy-to-use app that becomes part of everyday life
    o    Empowers everyone to do their part and keep their communities safe
    o    Allows your organization to take action and respond proactively
    o    Enables administrators to have visibility to check-in results
    o    Administration dashboards help you focus on high-risk areas

6. What are the LumiSight Administrator features?

Administrators can view real-time check-in and usage data to drive informed decision-making. Key features include:
    o    Get real-time snapshots of your organization’s health status
    o    Track check-in results
    o    Quickly identify high-risk areas
    o    Drive internal adoption strategies based on usage data
    o    Configure notification and application settings
    o    Align user permissions with your organization’s strategy

7. How do I access Lumisight?

LumiSight is accessible via a web browser on any device (e.g., desktop, laptop, tablet, phone). LumiSight Workplace users can also download the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play to iOS and Android devices, respectively.

8. What if I don’t have a smartphone?

If you don't have a smartphone, you can still use the web applicaton with an internet browser. When prompted to enter your cell phone number, you can enter a landline instead and skip the cell phone verification process.

9. What mobile phones are supported by LumiSight?

The LumiSight mobile app is built for mobile phones running Android 8.0 or later, or iPhones running iOS 11.0 or later.

10. How are visitors handled by LumiSight?

Visitors can create their own accounts and check in before coming onsite. Administrators can also manage visitor accounts for frequent visitors (e.g., contractors or vendors) or create one-time visitor accounts for quick check-ins.

11. Can LumiSight be used for contact tracing?

Yes, contact tracing is available with LumiSight Workplace. Users are able to self-report their contacts as needed. Administrators are also able to add contact information and send to the state department of health to expedite the contact tracing process.

12. Can LumiSight be used to monitor individuals under quarantine?

LumiSight Workplace offers an additional feature for users under quarantine to check in their location daily during their quarantine period. A notification is sent to a specific user to identify their location by pressing a geocode button on the app. LumiSight Workplace does not constantly track the users' location; it merely detects and logs their location when they perform a location check-in.

13. What are the different notifications and what do they do?

    o    Reminder for Daily Check-in: Displays a push notification to your smart phone if you completed the cell phone verification but did not complete the daily check-in.
    o    Push Notification: Allows an “on demand” push notification from a LumiSight administrator to your smart phone if you completed the cell phone verification.
    o    Email notification: Sends an email reminder to check in if you have not completed the daily check-in.
    o    Shift Notification: Sends an email if an employee is scheduled to work. E.g., anyone working on Monday or Tuesday will get notified. If the employee is off, they won't get a notification. Notifications can also occur if the person does not come to work.

14. Can the administrator's data be exported to Excel or other databases?

Yes, the administrator's information can be exported to create reports.

15. Can LumiSight integrate with a company’s organizational hierarchy and reporting lines to expedite the user profile creation and registration?

Yes, LumiSight can integrate with a company's organizational hierarchy and reporting lines as long as the data feed file includes that information. This will expedite user profile creation and registration process.

16. How do we quickly set up the questions for screening and check-in?

Yes, we provide a user content template containing the language for self-screening and daily check-ins during the configuration process before the customer goes live with LumiSight. This content can be configured to align with your organization's policies and plans.

17. Can I modify the questions or the content?

Yes, your LumiSight Administrator can easily modify the questions and results content relevant to your business. No technical skills are required. This content can be configured to align with your organization's policies and plans.

18. Are the graphics, colors and fonts configurable?

Yes, graphics, colors and fonts are configurable. We recommend keeping the existing fonts to comply with ADA Standards.

19. Does LumiSight comply with CDC Guidelines?

Yes, LumiSight is compliant with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention Guidance for Business and Employers, including the recommendation for daily health checks (CDC 5/6/2020).

20. How does LumiSight complement temperature screening?

Thermal readings are often done at the work place or campus entry, and only provide a piece of the puzzle. Therefore, LumiSight users will need to answer a few yes or no questions (based on CDC guidelines) to hone in on COVID-specific information. These responses will complement thermal readings to help prevent asymptomatic individuals from potentially transmitting COVID-19 to others.

21. How does LumiSight handle HIPAA compliance and Personal Health Information (PHI)?

LumiSight does not retain any personal health information (PHI). It only retains the yes or no response to the health questionnaire. No data is stored on your mobile device, computer, or on-prem server. Any data that is collected by LumiSight is private and secured in the AWS cloud, which adheres to national and international compliance programs, including HIPAA, NIST, SOC 2, FedRAMP, and SEC Rule 17a-4(f).

22. What data is being stored by the app?

LumiSight stores your name, email address, phone number, desired type of notifications, other preferences you enter when setting up your account, date and time of check-in, and check-in status. Only the check-in response (yes or no) is stored; no symptoms are collected or stored. No data is stored on your mobile device, computer, or on-prem server.

23. Where is the information stored?

Any data collected by LumiSight is stored securely in the AWS cloud which adheres to national and international compliance programs, including HIPAA, NIST, SOC 2, FedRAMP, and SEC Rule 17a-4(f).

24. Who developed LumiSight?

LumiSight was developed by DataHouse Consulting, Inc., a Hawaii company dedicated to supporting our communities through innovative technology solutions.

25. How long does it take to install LumiSight for my business?

Please contact DataHouse for more information: [email protected]

26. How much does LumiSight cost?

Please contact DataHouse for more information: [email protected]