LumiSight Workplace Helps First Hawaiian Bank Ensure Employee and Customer Safety

“The LumiSight App helped our organization automate the wellness screening process which would allow First Hawaiian Bank to implement wellness screenings systemwide instead of limiting wellness checks at facilities where only in-person screenings were possible.”
Michael Coates
Executive Vice President Enterprise Operations, First Hawaiian Bank


First Hawaiian Bank (FHB), the largest banking institution in Hawaii, was seeking a solution that best fit their COVID-19 strategy and to help automate their processes. With over 2,000 employees across more than 50 branches, they needed a way to keep employees and customers safe with minimum business disruption. Prior to LumiSight, FHB performed in-person wellness checks at a limited number of facilities and needed a way to automate the check-in process across their entire community.

FHB needed a system and service to:

  • Automate the wellness check process
  • Expand wellness checks to the entire FHB community
  • Customize the screening process according to their COVID-19 response strategy
  • Notify administrators immediately when a user is not cleared to enter an FHB facility


FHB partnered with DataHouse and implemented the LumiSight Workplace Platform, powered by AWS, to support employee and customer safety. FHB configured the platform to align with their wellness check process and ensure all employees are aware of and follow FHB policies regarding COVID-19.

Within days of go-live, 97% of FHB employees registered their accounts, and user adoption increased quickly. FHB created flyers and announcements and communicated the importance of wellness checks to all branches and departments.

LumiSight Workplace makes it easy for employees to complete daily wellness checks and streamlines admin operations so that FHB can focus on their business and customers.

Every day, employees continue to answer custom screening questions and receive immediate results with instructions and self-care guidance. FHB administrators receive critical alerts if anyone is not cleared for work, and they monitor geographically dispersed locations from a centralized admin application.


LumiSight Workplace is configurable to every organization’s specific needs. FHB adapted their platform to align with their company’s policies and automate their process. Some of the key features include:

  • Responsive web and mobile applications
  • Multi-question wellness screening process with custom content
  • Immediate guidance for employees and visitors based on wellness check results
  • Administration dashboards with overviews and check-in histories
  • Reminder notifications for users and critical alert notifications for administrators


LumiSight Workplace enables accountability among the FHB community and helps managers maintain daily operations. Additionally, the platform features provide FHB with the following benefits:

  • Convenient wellness check process for geographically dispersed employees
  • Daily self-reflection and awareness of health accountability
  • Critical notification system for managers to respond immediately to potential risks
  • Real-time consolidated data for quick reporting and analysis

Why Choose DataHouse?

FHB and DataHouse have nurtured a trusted relationship through past collaborative projects. Both organizations value their contributions to the local Hawaii community and put people at the forefront of their efforts.

In a growing and uncertain COVID-related marketplace, DataHouse’s past performance and dedication to FHB’s needs made LumiSight a clear choice.

“FHB has a long-standing relationship with DataHouse, and we appreciate the partnership that the team at DataHouse provided as we looked to implement the LumiSight application.”
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Michael Coates
Executive Vice President Enterprise Operations, First Hawaiian Bank