LumiSight UH Reinforces Trust and Confidence in the Campus Community

"LumiSight UH is a valuable solution that helps keep our community safe. It is a highly visible and useful communication and compliance tool that we use as part of our COVID-19 response strategy."
Garret Yoshimi
University of Hawaii VP for Information Technology & CIO


Like every community in the state, the University of Hawaii (UH) needed a way for their students, faculty, employees, and visitors to submit daily health check-ins and help keep their campuses safe.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health authorities have highly recommended daily health checks for workplaces and school reopening plans. So, as part of UH’s policies for COVID-19 response, UH included a requirement for anyone intending to be present at a UH facility to self-attest to a set of daily health check-in questions.

With a community of over 75,000 individuals across ten campuses throughout the state, UH’s challenge was to select the right service and partner to support their unique operational needs.

UH also needed to launch the system as quickly as possible so that campuses could reopen as planned. They had an aggressive eight-week timeline and needed to find and implement a solution within that period.

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UH needed a system and service to:

  • Securely capture daily check-ins without collecting any personal health information (PHI)
  • Connect with the UH identity management system
  • Address highly specialized requirements, such as the Modified Quarantine Program for students coming or returning to UH from out-of-state locations
  • Rapidly activate contact tracing capabilities
  • Allow visitors to create their own accounts and check in
  • Retain reporting flexibility with largely unknown initial requirements


UH partnered with DataHouse and implemented the LumiSight UH platform, powered by AWS, to quickly and securely address their community’s needs. The platform launched within four weeks of initiation and evolved with post-implementation enhancements to fulfill UH’s specialized requirements.

The LumiSight UH platform solves the challenge of enforcing and tracking UH’s daily check-in requirement. It also enables UH to enforce their Modified Quarantine Program and easily confirm the health and location of students who qualify. The platform even gives UH the means to rapidly activate contact tracing capabilities, collect necessary information, and report the information swiftly to the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) for official processing.

The LumiSight UH administration application provides UH COVID-19 response administrators with centralized check-in results, dashboards, analytics, and reporting. Administrators who have access to all information can holistically assess the condition of the entire UH system at a glance. Other administrators who are directly responsible for UH’s COVID-19 response can view their campus or department’s check-in results and follow up with individuals as necessary.

Ultimately, LumiSight UH empowers students, faculty, staff, and visitors to be accountable for their health and participate in their community’s safety. It also enables UH to make data-driven decisions that align with COVID-19 response strategies.


LumiSight UH provides a convenient and straightforward way for any community member, including visitors, to do their part and help keep the UH community safe.

On the administration side, UH COVID-19 response administrators enjoy these additional benefits: ​

  • Responsive web application accessible on any browser and any device
  • One-question daily check-in with configurable self-screening content
  • Immediate results with guidance based on UH COVID-19 response strategy
  • Mobile application for iPhones and Androids
  • Location check-in for Modified Quarantine Program participants
  • Contact tracing capabilities to quickly collect location and people information
  • Push notifications with custom messaging and timing
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LumiSight UH provides a convenient and straightforward way for any community member, including visitors, to do their part and help keep the UH community safe. The features and functionality of the LumiSight UH platform provides individuals with the following benefits:

  • Easy and secure way to incorporate self-screening into daily life
  • Daily education on COVID-19 symptoms and guidance on self-care
  • Reminders to check in every day
  • Convenient badge clearance to prove check-in status while on campus
  • Ability to prove compliance with the Modified Quarantine Program
  • Secure way to report contact tracing information to help prevent further COVID-19 transmission

Ultimately, LumiSight UH serves as a universal passport across all UH campuses that reinforces trust and confidence among the community.

Why Choose DataHouse?

Once UH committed to the daily check-in requirement as part of their core COVID-19 response strategy, they reviewed a collection of available options and services. DataHouse approached UH early in the process and demonstrated experience and an existing service framework. After a thorough analysis of existing services and providers, UH chose DataHouse as their partner.

DataHouse is a local Hawaii company that’s truly dedicated to the community’s well-being. While UH’s needs evolved post-implementation, DataHouse continued to work with UH to deliver the necessary additions, true to their partnership commitment.

"Our experience with DataHouse continues to be highly collaborative and in the spirit of partnership. We continue to be impressed with their ability to respond promptly to our needs and constantly work to support our community’s best interests."
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Garret Yoshimi
University of Hawaii VP for Information Technology & CIO